Partner Service

Partner Service


Our new on-demand services are designed to make your life easier, save time and help optimize the charging cost in your busy days.

Start to get the most out of your recharge features with Smart Charge service and the dedicated app Charge Anytime by Ovo Energy: optimize your usage of electricity to support grid sustainability, take advantage of the most economic times to charge your vehicle and save money on your electricity.

Just get the smartest charge.

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Partner Services
Partner Services

Smart Charge service makes possible to get the least expensive private charge, in a few taps. With the dedicated Charge Anytime app you can customize your preferences and define the desired target charging percentage for your vehicle and the time to be ready for departure.
Then, the app will search the cheapest slot to charge your electric vehicle, so you'll find it charged at the appointed time while saving money.

In the Charge Anytime app you will also get detailed reports after your charging sessions, to keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly expenses. Know exactly what you will pay and see how much you are saving.

Partner Services

Connectivity makes your life easier every day and we are enthusiastic to choose the best partners, able to supply the most useful services. 

Stay tuned, more services to come in the near future to delight you and make your life more convenient. Day by day, our partners work with us to make your live the best experience - and not only while you are driving. 

Number and type services and geographic scope are under constant update due to ongoing partnerships development.

Partner Services

Taking advantage of all the comfort of the On-demand services provided by our partners is really simple.

Just subscribe to On-Demand service at no additional cost clicking the "Activate now" button when you are logged in your personal area: in this way, you'll remotely enable the third party to run the service.
Then, directly download our partner's app, Charge Anytime by OVO Energy, and sign in with the same credentials you use to access your MyDS app and personal area in the Services Store. This step will allow the link between your vehicle's needed data and the service provider app.

Now, in the Charge Anytime app it's time to set your preferences. Indicate the speed of charge you prefer, the battery percentage that you want to charge and the hour by when you want your car ready to go. And if you need to start the charge immediately, just tap on the dedicated button: the charge will start in that right moment. 
In the Charge Anytime app all you'll see the details on your charge, including price and daily, mothly or yearly detailed reports of your sessions.

You are always in control: via MyDS app you'll get real time notifications to make you aware of the charge status and to ask your authorization to begin the recharge.